The Making of @salinasberry Pt. 1 “Summer Operations With Olive the Dog”

A fruitful trip to my local Goodwill lands treasures for @salinasberry redesign and maker space.  Although there were many additional items I wanted to purchase such as board games, DIY kits, and a few file cabinets to decoupage with Rustoleum and casters, I practiced Samurai discipline and stuck to items under $3.00.  My stash includes a tripod, multi-colored foam and plastic cubes, bulk straws, 4 casters, 24 color value pack of tempera paint, sidewalk chalk, miscellaneous plastic pieces and 3 random clear bins with lids.

Olive on inspection duty.
Olive on inspection duty.

What are your favorite maker space essentials?

The library at North Salinas HS is embarking on a transformational journey from traditional school media center to campus invention center. This blog will document the journey through the voices of North Salinas High School student designers and Meg Omainsky, teacher librarian. Follow along on Twitter @salinasberry

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