Journey to the Center of the Cubicle

How might we refurbish the standard cubicle to redefine learning spaces?

The inside of a standard office cubicle resembles an intricate honeycomb of cardboard compartments.  I tore into this in hopes of experimenting with the possibilities of creating a moveable whiteboard from its parts. The cubicle offers many handy components once disassembled including a sturdy metal frame, two flat surfaces and miscellaneous plastic strips and pieces.

Honeycomb cardboard interior
Solid Metal Frame
Solid Metal Frame

There are few screws holding this puppy together, so a lot of banging with a hammer was required to unhitch the pieces embedded into the metal grooves. I recommend trying this at home before tackling one of these with students. When you’re finished, though, you have several sturdy parts with which to craft countless tools for and with students.

Pieces and Parts

My plan is to paint one of the surfaces with Rustoleum whiteboard paint to create a portable whiteboard tablet for brainstorming and ideating.

I also might experiment using the metal legs for a Z-rack and adding the foot pedestals (with attached casters)  to a small file cabinet.

The honeycomb cardboard is super interesting and could be used for a number of uses.  I might use this as a support for the portable whiteboard tablet.

I’ll toss the misc plastic pieces into the maker bin.

So, the next time you wander through your school’s office, I invite you to look at this corporate relic with fresh eyes!

How might we refurbish the standard cubicle to redefine learning spaces?

The library at North Salinas HS is embarking on a transformation from traditional school media center to campus invention center. This blog will document the journey through the voices of North Salinas High School student designers and Meg Omainsky, teacher librarian. Follow our journey on Twitter @salinasberry

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