The Making of @salinasberry Pt. 2 “Before Pic”

@salinasberry is the handle for the library at North Salinas High School in the Salinas valley of Monterey County. It’s “Steinbeck Country.” Salinas is miles of symmetrical rows of green and brown farm fields and a high school district with more than 14,000 students. The demographic breakdown averages 80% Hispanic and Latino and 70% socioeconomically disadvantaged. @Salinasberry will immediately serve the 1,800+ student leaders at North High.

Omainsky, July 2015 with iPhone 5
Omainsky, July 2015 with iPhone 5

I am a learning space junkie. I love to visit and explore innovative spaces from libraries to co-working spaces to design centers. Since I have big plans to get the students and staff engaged in a library redesign, I thought it best to post the standard “Before Pic” at this time.

Here is @Salinasberry BEFORE….

Image from Sarah Reitmayer
Image from Sarah Reitmayer, NSHS Library Assistant

Recently, I visited Impact Hub, which is housed in the refurbished second story of the San Francisco Chronicle building in downtown San Francisco. What used to be the second story of the local newspaper is now a co-working space for social good. What are some of your favorite examples of public spaces being re-invented?

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